Tech Talk Tuesdays and eTalking – the Global Education Conference

This week Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking will partner with the Global Education 2010 conference . Tech Talk Tuesdays  will host Sue Wyatt, from Tasmania, Australia who is  the presenter on “The Blogging Challenge”. The session will start 15 minutes later than usual to fit in with the conference schedule. Therefore the starting time will be 4pm, Melbourne, Australia, gmt+11.

Learn how to connect your students and classes globally through this bi-annual blogging challenge. Those who are register for the Blogging Challenge take part in weekly activities to improve blogging and blogs, connect with other students/classes around the globe etc Themes may be local or global including eg BAD (Blog action day), and “One day on Earth”. Join other participants from around the world for this session. The link for this session will be provided on the Global Education 2010 site.

The link to this session is to be provided at the global education 2010 site

eT@lking will commence two hours earlier this week, at 6pm Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11)  This week’s eT@lking session is also part of the online Global Education Conference. It will be an informal discussion and chat amongst participants on any or some of the following questions: Where can I find global projects to participate in? How can I find my own partners to work with on global projects? What are the benefits of being involved in global projects? What tips are there to ensure global projects are successful? What are the challenges etc? What online tools can be used etc. What hardware will I need?
Please come with your own questions and share with others.
Here is the link to the session.


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