10 reasons to support Global Education

A small rural, culturally and geographically isolated school

Teaching in a small rural prep to year 12 school in South Eastern Australia that is culturally and geographically isolated is no longer a dilemma.  Technology helps educators and students connect, communicate and collaborate with classes and students from around the globe. Education must become, and will be, increasingly global in nature. Access to the internet allows classes anywhere to connect both  synchronously and asynchronously enabling students to  learn together. As the Global Education Conference 2010 approaches, it is time to reflect on the importance of global education and why it must be encouraged.

10  reasons for supporting global education:-

  1. It allows the sharing of  cultures, religion, ideologies and backgrounds. Students gain cultural awareness enabling them to  foresee potential  misunderstandings and avoid cultural clashes and warfare!
  2. Global education prepares students  for life, work and play in an increasingly global world.
  3. Allows students to develop a social conscience.
  4. Students become aware of global issues – natural disasters, financial downturns, climate change, global pollution etc
  5. It supports project based learning.
  6. Students learn digital and global citizenship skills, including netiquette.
  7. By using online tools for projects and shared tasks teaches digital literacy.
  8. Knowledge of geography and history is increased and natural curiosity encourages  self directed learning.
  9. Global education provides skills for life -long learning.
  10. Global projects encourage virtual team work, collaboration and creativity and push students and teachers outside their comfort zones.

And no. 11 It is exciting, fun, amazing and students love to learn this way!


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