10 reasons why you should attend the Global Education Conference 2010

As I write this post there are 10 days to this almostincredulous event.   The number ten in English is more commonly written as 10 and some significance could be read into this. The number 10 is made up of two digits, and could be interpreted as :-  the 0 represents our globe and the number 1 represents our membership of one global community.  As educationalists, we are also  one, with a common goal of creating lifelong learners. This is despite our different cultures, religions, ideologies, languages etc.  Therefore, let’s look at 10 reasons to attend the Global Education Conference 2010. (Oh, the number 10 even appears at the end of the year). This exciting online conference takes place from November 15 – 19, 2010.

Here are just ten reasons why you should attend:-

  1. Be part of this amazing, pioneering, innovative  and as some would even say ‘impossible’  conference which has presenters and participants  from across global regions all potentially meeting  in real time.
  2. Make your own global connections for educational activities and initiatives.
  3. All you need is  internet access. Sessions are held elluminate – an online meeting room which allows you to ask questions, add input, seek advice,  interact and share with both the presenters and other participants.
  4. It is free.
  5. All sessions are open to anyone and are public. Some will have translators.
  6. The sessions will be recorded for those who unable to attend the session at the scheduled time.
  7. There are more than 300 general sessions and 50 keynotes sessions. The foucs of these sessions  will cover  teachers, students, curriculum, policy and leadership and global issues.
  8. Sessions will run 24 hours per day to allow all time zones to participate. There are up to 4 choices of sessions for most time slots.
  9. No formal registration required, simply find the link to the session that you are interested in and join up to 15 mins before allocated time.
  10. Experience first hand the power that  technology has  to transform education and make it global.

Check out the  scheduled sessions and please join us for one or many sessions. I thought of 10 reasons, can you think of more?


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