Empowering student learning with technology

Dr Christine Redman, Senior Lecturer (Science and Technology Education Teaching and Research) Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne.
Christine has developed a framework used to guide the University of Melbourne pre-service primary science teachers to think about and make choices for using ICT to support ‘student’s voice and choice’ in learning and to recognise the ways that this supports students to be more metacognitive and responsive for their own learning needs. She spoke about the use of technologies through the 5E structure, a particular focus of our Education Department. The 5E’s structure is as follows:-
1. Engagement
2. Explore
3. Explain
4. Elaborate
5. Evaluation
This structure was introduced to show how the stages can inform the choice of technologies to provide students as options – especially social tools for collaboration, including blogs and wikis
As more and more people embrace the social digital media eg facebook, twitter, blogging etc, conversations become a way of learning. Conversations create meaning and shares it. Understanding is defined by the act of conversing. In inquiry learning, we aim to have learning based around students’ questions, their interests and their learning needs.”
Thanks Christine for bringing the pedagogy into social learning.
Here is the link to the recording.


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