eT@lking: Playing on the Internet

Jess McCulloch, our presenter for tonight, loves playing on the internet! Whilst playing, she finds lots of great tools for classroom use. There are now many tools for the participants to play with! Thanks Jess.
Here is a link to the recording
From the chat came the following:-

  1. Use of Symbaloo to show PLN
  2. Tools for the languages classroom
  3. Visual search engines – searchcube and spezify
  4. Taggalaxy
  5. Sodasnap
  6. Photosynth
  7. Go2web2.0
  8. Cooltoolsforschools
  9. Woices
  10. cloud canvas
  11. Using flickr collections
  12. Jess  woices example
  13. dvolver – animation software
  14. xtranormal
  15. Georgina Pazzi 1: Some of my favs are; wallwisher;; edmodo;
  16. Four square
  17. Gerogina Pazzi 1: Kerpoof is used for animation, images, writing narratives. Can set it up as a teacher and add students. Brilliant and motivational online tool for literacy especially

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