Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Tuesday October 19th 3:45 -4:45pm Melbourne, Australia (gmt+11)

Topic: A digital toolbox for 21st century classrooms

Presenter: Britt Gow

Synopsis: How do you integrate technology into 21st centuryclassrooms? Digital tools can be used to engage students, enhance learning and allow creativity and collaboration. Loosely based around Bloom’s Revised taxonomy, find out how to use web2.0 tools for accessing, storing, analysing, applying and sharing information. Promote student engagement and creativity using digital storytelling, animations and audio/video projects.
Britt Gow is a science and maths teacher at Hawkesdale P12 College,Victoria, Australia and author of “Technoscience” blog, explains how web2.0 tools can be used effectively with middle-years students. Using web tours and application sharing Britt will demonstrate various ways to introduce topics, consolidate learning, assess understanding and promote reflection and evaluation.
This tools can easily be adapted to all subject areas. Please join us.

The link to join the session

eT@lking: Wed Oct 20th 8-9pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11)

Topic: Playing on the Internet: Take 2.0!

Presenter: Jess McCulloch

Synopsis: Jess McCulloch, an early web2.0 innovator, will share some websites as well as 3-4 ideas for using each with students. Participants will be asked to contribute an idea or two. But let’s explore some of the following with Jess:- four square, PhotoSynth, some visual search engines – Search Cubed and Spezify, Woices, Viddix and maybe Cloud Canvas.

About Jess: Jess has been using web2.0 tools since 2006 and has created several popular blogs, including Technolanguages In 2008, Jess received teacher professional leave to further study the effective use of web2.0 tool sin the classroom. She currently has a new role at the Chinese Teacher Training Centre at Melbourne University and runs ICT workshops for teachers.

Link to the session


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