My tea had chicken feet in it!

Someone was talking to me on skype. On closer investigation, I looked to see that it was Bianca, one of our student teachers, who is part of the trial virtual teaching round’s project. She completed one week teacher placement with us and has just flown to China for a four week placement,  to teach English communication.

First day there, she was unable to get her microphone to work in skype. Fortunately, she could hear me, when I rang her. Stepping her through the process, she informed me (in the midst of all my instructions) that ‘her tea last night had chicken feet in it” and she had used a toilet that was just a hole in the ground! (Please don’t be offended if you come from other cultures, as I had chicken feet when I went to Malaysia and enjoyed them. It is a delicacy but it is not the normal food, we get in Australia). And for a young lady who has never been out of Australia, this was not quite to her normal diet. As such cultural shock is in place!

Proceeding along to help her with her microphone, I asked her to go to Tools>options>audio settings but Bianca said she couldn’t find it as it was all in Chinese! So our virtual communications and adventure with China began! Eventually, Bianca hooked up her netbook that she had taken and shifted from the desktop in her room. Audio and video then worked and lively conversations with many staff continued.

That afternoon, Bianca wanted to use her new flip, but did not know how to work it. Skype came to the rescue again, and I could demonstrate how to use mine to her so she could see, using the videoconferencing aspect.

Learning how to use the camera with skype

During my year 11 IT class, Bianca appeared on skype with more questions, but we took this as a teachable moment and my class was also able to share in conversations with her. Thanks Bianca for sharing with us.


One response to “My tea had chicken feet in it!

  1. What an experience it must be for Bianca to be eating chicken feet! Coming from Malaysia, I must agree that chicken feet is quite awesome. 🙂 Glad to see y’all exploring virtual teaching beyond nation boundaries.

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