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Tech Talk Tuesday, eT@lking and GeoParks

This week’s events for Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking are as follows. Please note the time on this post and it will match the time on the clock which is featured on the side bar (widgets) We are now in daylight saving mode which has pulled our clocks forward an hour, but we hope all event calendars have been updated. So, apologies for any confusion.

Tech Talk Tuesdays – Tuesday, October 12th 3:45-4:45pm Melbourne Australia time.

Topic: The Changing ICT Landscape with guest presenter, Roland Gesthuzien

Synopsis:– Have you noticed a recent change of winds blowing across the ICT landscape? Things are getting interesting as we cry out for a means of sharing information, between people and across time, space and networks. Those close at the fringes of the digital frontier are charting a different course with ICT rich classes and mLearning spaces whilst developing our personal learning networks. This presentation will consider the impact of these technologies by the presenter classroom that spans a decade of teaching. This presentation will help participants to dig about for an open future in their classrooms with portable tools such as iPads, higher order thinking by programming with Scratch and even engage senior VCE students with burning issues using glove puppets.
About the Presenter: Roland Gesthuzien
Roland is a leading educator and wordsmith who enjoys the teaching of Information Technology to his students. He is a GLOBE trained teacher who is interested in a range of environmental, science and technology issues. Roland regularly blogs his work and has an active research interest in the development of sustainable online learning communities and viable personal learning networks.
Roland is currently working at Westall Secondary College, Victoria, Australia, to support Learning Technologies, leading a team of highly motivated and talented computer support staff. He is in charge of a student computer game club and leads a range of online and extra curricular college activities such as webcasting the annual college Concert, organising online meetings and activities with the sister school in Japan, exploring the frontiers of teaching ICT using hand puppets and drama. He won an EPA environment award, an ACEC 2009 national award and more recently a Science-Drama award.
Roland enjoys working with subject associations and is often seen lurking behind a camera or laptop computer at national conferences. In an earlier life, he was a Research Scientist with ICI Australia explosives division, project coordinator with Rotaract and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Lake Mountain Ski Patroller and Officer with St John Ambulance Australia. All this pales into insignificance when he tries to fly a kite or plays Lego with his kids.
Here is the link to the session

eT@lking: Creative text responses

Wednesday 13th October, 8-9pm

Presenter: Judith Way

Synopsis: Judith Way will share examples of how students can use social media to respond creatively to texts. The social media discussed, will include:-

Book trailers

About our presenter, Judith Way:

Judith Way is a teacher librarian at Preston Girls’ Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia. She is on leave this term to develop a Personal Learning Network program for the State Library of Victoria and the School Library Association of Victoria. Connect with Judith on Twitter, @BrightIdeasBlog. Judith writes the Edublogs award winning Bright Ideas blog on behalf of the School Library Association of Victoria

Here is the link to the session.

Earth Science Week

There are two exciting sessions organised for Earth Science Week. They are

Establishing a geopark in a metropolis: the Hong Kong Geopark with Ng Young C.Y., from Hong Kong. Wednesday 10am-10:45am  (Melbourne, Australia time) Free webinar live in elluminate suitable for students and educators.

Here is the link to the session.

Further details can be found here.

Caves and Volcanoes- Australia’s Kanawinka GeoPark – Thursday 14th Oct, 11:30-11:45am with Ian Lewis. This session is geared at students, classes, educators and other interested community members.

Here is the link to the session.

Further details on both exciting sessions can be found here.

Getting Started – Virtual Teaching Rounds

As no other records of a similar trial project can be found, we are ‘winging it’ through virtual teaching rounds. Abby and Michelle will be with us for another three weeks, before they trial the week’s online placement. To adequately  prepare them for this placement, they need to familiarise themselves with a number of tools that they might use:- blogs, voicethreads, wallwisher, vokis etc. Time needs to be given to them for record keeping through a CEP online forum, blogs and digital imagery eg videos and images. They will need to trial the use of skype for videoconferencing and work in elluminate so that they can experiment with and use these tools effectively. Here are two fabulous online teachers, Tammy Moore and Jo Hart,  who have presented in elluminate for Classroom2.0LIVE and eT@lking. Listen to the recordings of these sessions to get a taste of what can be done.

Need to also work on blogs – learn how to change themes, add blog rolls/links,  embed code onto the blogs, add a clock etc