eT@lking: Flexbook with Neeru Khosla

The start of daylight saving has played havoc with our global audience and presenters. The change in time was not reflected on the Learn Central events calendar, and as such some participants and our presenter tonight, Neeru was a little late, (yet she was really early according to her perceived starting time). Neeru was rather amazing in that it was 3am in her time zone and she bravely presented to us, giving up valuable sleep time.

Whilst waiting for her to arrive, participants shared what they had been up to this week and as Richard Opie was asking about google docs, I gave a demonstration of  ietherpad as an alternative to google docs.

Advantages of iEtherpad

  • does not require registration to create a live pad,
  • the organizer can create a pad and simply share the link with students for team work.
  • Does not require invitation via email, just share the given link
  • Will take up to 15 users at once
  • Has a chat function
  • Can export as txt to share or paste into MS Word etc
  • Can be privatised

Neeru then shared her philosophy and vision on online open source textbooks using her Flexbooks website. She has an innovative vision and dream to reduce the digital divide. Here is the recording to her session.

From the chat:-


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