Meeting an online class – face to face!

It will be really exciting to meet the class from Taman Burkitt Maluri School, Kuala Lumpur, that I and  my year 11 students worked with online  in the virtual classroom, using elluminate. I will spend some time with them and discuss cyber safety.When working with the internet there are three important lessons to be learnt:-

  1. cybersafety
  2. copyright
  3. digital citizenship and netiquette
  4. maintaining a good ‘digital footprint’

I would like to introduce you to some tools that will help you with your school work using cybersafety as our topic.  These are:-

  1. Make a wishing wall – Give some tips/hints for staying cyber safe? Click on this wallwisher link and tell me. Group 2 should click on this link and tell me the best things about Kuala Lumpur.
  2.  creating an avatar – choose from a lego avatar or a portrait avatar.
  3. creating a voki – an animated, talking avatar
  4.  mind mapping using and
  5. creating word clouds using wordle.

Instructions for making your wordle:-

  1. Click on the “create” link
  2. Type cyber safety three times with a space between each word
  3. Type in at least 10 words aboutcybersafety (If you use two or more words, eg “no last names”, you need to put a tilda between them ie no~last~names so that the words stay together.
  4. Click ” go”. A word cloud will be created.
  5. Click  randomize (down the bottom of your typed words) until you find a cloud that you like (You can manually change the cloud with the toolbar given.)
  6. Press PrtScr (a key at the top of your keyboard) to take a photo of your computer screen.
  7. Goto MS Paint, goto edit and Paste. Your screen photo appears. Find the dotted rectangle on the tool bar and draw a rectangle around the word cloud.
  8. Goto edit, choose copy
  9. Now get a new MS Paint File, do not save changes and goto edit>paste (You should just have your words.)
  10. Save as a jpg image or choose copy and got MS Word or MS Powerpoint and paste.

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