SMJK Poi Lam Workshop for Teachers

Hello to the teachers from Ipoh, including those from my host school SMJK Poi Lam. In today’s session we will be looking at some of my favourite tools for online

  • connection
  • communication
  • creation

Add any questions you may have on this document.

These include the following:-

  1. Wordle – using wordle in the classroom
  2. – mind mapping
  3. Voicethread – Online podcasting, digital storytelling.  Some collaborative   global examples from my classes: Moving On and Question Time from grade 2s in Boston
  4. Voki
  5. Skype –  Connect with other classrooms  Around the world in 80 Schools  and wiki. Skype an author
  6. Wallwisher – Ideas for use in the classroom 
  7. Animoto
  8. Google docs – document, word, presentation, maps (open up a gmail account)
  9. titanpad – online paper and back channel
  10. twitter – developing personal learning networks.

If there should be no internet access:

  1. MS Photostory – digital storytelling
  2. Irfanview:-working with online  images
  3. Audacity – for podcasting
  4. MS Moviemaker – digital storytelling

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