Getting to know you… online with skype!

Three years ago I met Veronica Woo, a TESL teacher at SMJK Poi Lan online. We started corresponding but then contact ceased, until several weeks ago, when Veronica contacted me on LinkedIn and asked if I was interested in videoconferencing with her. Veronica was about to link up with a school in NZ. Her students were to sing a concert number and the school in NZ was to demonstrate the haka. My classes did not get involved, but I, personally, was fortunate to practise  skype as a videoconferencing linkup and witness the concert rehearsal.


As I was going to Malaysia to meet the class from Taman Gukit Maluri school that had connected with us in elluminate, Veronica asked if I could also visit her school and conduct some professional development for her teachers and some of the students. Rather excited, I agreed.  I feel I already know Veronica and her teaching colleague Yvonne. Skype has allowed us to know each other. Yvonne will be our host and accommodate my husband and myself. Skype has been used to:-

  • show us the house that we will stay in
  • introduced us to her family members including her daughter
  • her daughter has played the Chinese keyboard in preparation for her music exam
  • discussed our dietary needs and likes/dislikes
  • introduced some of the teachers who I will work with
  • meet some of the students who I will work with

Further technologies used to prepare for my visit to Malaysia, including Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur

  • planning itineraries and places to visit with tripadvisor and its forums
  • wotif for cheap accommodation in Kuala Lumpur
  • airasia for cheap flights

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