eT@lking: Playing on the Internet

…. and play we did. Tonight our guest presenter was to be a dear teaching colleague of mine, Jess McCulloch who has an amazing ability to tease out some amazing websites for use in the classroom or education. However, at the last minute Jess was unable to attend, so the participants who came from across the globe jumped in, and shared some great websites with us.  The participants came from  USA, China, India, Australia and the time of day and night varied greatly.g

Things began differently tonight. Those participants who were in the room, were told that they could ‘play’ with the whiteboard and grafitti. Instead of the usual experimentation with tools, the participants were sharing websites and things they had done during the week. See what was shared below:-

Participants were asked to share tools that they might have experimented with during the week. Here is the result of the whiteboard sharing:-

From the chat:-

Here is the link to the recording


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