Working with Shamblesguru

Several weeks ago, on twitter, I saw a request from Shamblesguru to connect via videoconferencing via skype. Thinking it was right now, that he wanted to connect, I volunteered via a tweet. However, I soon got a direct message asking for more information about me and the skype linkup was to take place in a month’s time with a staff PD that he was organising. He wanted a primary school teacher who had used online technology in their classes. Although I am a secondary teacher,  I  have taught primary classes and so planning for the 30 minute video conferencing event took place. It was great to work with Chris Smith and see his professional approach to Professional Development for staff and learn from it.

Procedures prior to linkup:-

  • tested skype videoconferencing and screen sharing applications, whilst Chris (Shamblesguru) was in Thailand.
  • discussed the procedures and expectations.
  • Chris had set up a voicethread and asked teachers from the school in Singapore to add audio or text messages as to their technological learning requirements.
  • Chris set up a titan pad online page, shared the url. This set out the procedures for the day and I knew in advance what was expected of me.

During the session

  • linked up using skype
  • spoke and answered audio questions
  • shared my screen and spoke to a brief powerpoint presentation
  • the 60 teachers had been divided into groups of 4 or 5, with a designated leader for each group. The leader for each group added content to the main page with any questions directed at me. 
  • I watched the chat in the titan pad and answered questions that appeared there.

Thanks Chris, for letting me work with you.

Link to the video on my skype linkup with Singapore


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