Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – This Week’s sessions!

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Sept 14th 3:45 -4:45pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Topic:- iPods in Literacy and Creating Guided Reading Materials

Students love to engage with technology. Listen to Jenny Ashby tell us how we can use iPods for writing, reading, speaking and listening in the daily literacy block. Find out how Jenny utilises the iPods in the Literacy block. Also Jenny will give a quick “how to” for recording your own guided reading material to use as an extra guided reading and thinking activity.
About Jenny: Jenny has been an ICT specialist in a Bendigo school for 10 years and the network administrator. Jenny is an early adopter of technologies including wireless networking, laptops and ipods. She is also a reading recovery trained teacher and literacy co-ordinator at my school. In 2009 her role changed to a classroom teacher from 9-1pm for a Prep/1 class. Jenny has been using the iPod Touch with the Prep/1 class for Literacy and Mathematics.

 eT@lking:- Wednesday Sept 15th 8-9pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+100)

Topic: Playing on the Internet

Jess McCulloch, an early web2.0 innovator and adopter, will share some interesting websites as well as 3-4 ideas for using each with students. Participants will be asked to contribute an idea or two. But let’s explore some of the following with Jess:- four square, PhotoSynth, some visual search engines – Search Cubed and Spezify, Woices, Viddix and maybe Cloud Canvas .
Link to the session
About Jess McCulloch:Jess has been using web2.0 tools since 2006 and has created several popular blogs, including Technolanguages In 2008, Jess received teacher professional leave to further study the effective use of web2.0 tool sin the classroom. She currently has a new role at the Chinese Teacher Training Centre at Melbourne Uni, runs ICT workshops for teachers.


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