Tech Talk Tuesdays – Treasures of Classroom2.0 LIVE

Classroom2.0 was one of the first nings that I joined. It had a membership of 3000 but I made some fabulous contacts, became a welcoming host and got even better connected. So, when Classroom2.0 LIVE started, I would try and listen to as many recordings as possible. There were some fabulous topics and presenters but as it is my sleeping time, I do not get to participate in real time.

It was to my surprise and sheer delight, that Peggy George, from Arizona, USA one of the organisers of Classroom2.0 LIVE started coming to the Tech Talk Tuesday sessions and added to the conversations in chat with links to many fabulous online tools, resources, events, recordings, blogs, wikis etc. So, it was with great pleasure that I was able to introduce Peggy as our guest presenter on the above topic where Peggy shared the richness of the Classroom 2.0 LIVE site. There was a broad cross section of educationalists from across the globe, including USA, Australia, Canada, Valenzuela: Mexico City, Hawaii, Baku (west coast of the Caspian Sea- north of Iran)

Peggy started the session with an animoto video which summarised many of the presentations that have been part of Classroom2.0 LIVE, accompanied by an appropriate song by Kevin Honeycutt. She used a web tour and application sharing to highlight the elements of the Classroom2.0 LIVE site, showed us and yolinks and many other fantastic resoureces.

Don’t miss the recording of this session

From the chat came the following

see also Kathleen McGeady’s post

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