This week’s Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking

This week we have a really exciting Tech Talk Tuesday with Peggy George – our guest presenter from Classroom2.0 LIVE fame.

 Tech Talk Tuesdays: Tuesday 6th September, 3:45-4:45 (gmt+10 Melbourne Australia time)

Topic:  Treasures of Classroom2.0LIVE – wonderful resources for classroom use!Are you looking for resources to use in your classroom? Do you want to learn about specific web2.0 tools? Would you like to hear from some of the web2.0 tools creators?Where can you find the answers to all these questions?  Learn about exciting things happening in education? Then this is the session for you.
Our special guest presenter this week is Peggy George begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting from Arizona in USA. Peggy is one of the three co-organisers of the most popular online webinars available today – Classroom2.0LIVE. Peggy has an amazing wealth of knowledge which she willingly shares with participants in our regular Tech Talk Tuesdays.
In this session, Peggy will walk us through the amazing wealth of materials that can be found on the spaces within the classroom2.0LIVE site. This includes the best resources, interesting content for classroom use and guest speakers who have engaged their audiences, recordings, links etc.
Join Peggy on a website tour explaining/highlighting various topics, guests and resources on the site, but can also go with the flow of the conversation/interest by people participating in our session. Learn how the organisers use social networking tools to prepare for the shows. If there’s time, a short
•demo of how the yolink search enhancement tool works on the website to show participants what a great tool it is and also how they can easily find resources on the site. – how links are prepared and then accessed after each show
•Subscribe to iTunes via a RSS feed for recordings of the show

About Peggy George: Peggy is a retired elementary principal and university pre-service teacher education instructor and Classroom 2.0 LIVE co-host and a curriculum vitae that reads like a fabulous novel!

Link to the session

eT@Lking  Wed Sept 8th, 8-9pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

Topic: Websites I love to use  (or topics up for your discussion – Serendipity: What would you like to discuss/know/share?)

Synopsis: As there is no guest presenter this week, due to technical issues, we will have an open session where we can share favourite online websites, discuss issues, answer questions, share conversations on your topics etc.

Presenter: You me and us!

Link to the session


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