A Minister for Education who invites conversations via tweets!

An interesting tweet, came to my attention during the week –a tweet from our Victorian Minister for Education and Minister for Melbourne, the Hon Bronwyn Pike. Here is what it said:-

Thanks to everyone who has already sent a question @Bronwyn_Pike for the Q&A on Friday – join me online at 1:30 pm for the answers.

The Minister for Education called for tweets regarding either education or Melbourne. Although the use of web2.0 tools in the recent American election campaign by Barack Obama received much media attention, I was wondering how many global  politicians allowed such direct access, and how many politicians in charge of education have actually set aside a session to tweet in real time.

But in the words of HutchHussein @Bronwyn_Pike Are you the first Minister doing this? Great way to broaden direct access to you.

From @bronwyn_pike came the response @HutchHussein Not sure to be honest – but I’m enjoying it and will definitely do it again. Are others finding it useful?

People who tweeted included teachers, members of the labour party, unusual citizens, ABC Radio’s Victorian Political Reporter, mums ,tertiary students and action groups. The tweets can be found by searching for @Bronwyn_Pike. Below are some of the interesting tweets and responses.They varied from general educational content, political discontent andfavourite Melbourne eateries/activities. They were all answered in 140 characters or less.  I shall start with my two questions/ responses and then list some of the others. My  questions:-

  • @murcha to @Bronwyn_Pike Are there plans for all schools to go 1:1 for successful and more effective use of #ultranet?
  • @murcha Thats certainly the way we are heading – free broadband for schools helps!
  • What measures are being taken to include digital literacy into curriculum – starting at grade prep?
  • Check out $250k digital literacy trial http://www.education.vic.gov.au/researchinnovation/digitalliteracy/ and that site will be updated with evaluations from the trial schools. Do you have suggestions of other good digital literacy info?
  • @ceosandhurst some schools already 1:1 in prep, we are continuing to provide more grants
  • melcashen @Bronwyn_Pike Do we expect to see you on Ultranet as a corporate member?

@melcashen Im already on and working hard to learn its benefits!

  • SPOT1706@bronwyn_pike How are we supposed to use all this technology when principals can decide whether all teachers can have access or not
  • SPOT1706 @Bronwyn_Pike in my class I have no technology other than my own and pupils are banned from using netbooks by prin children disadvantaged
  • .@SPOT1706 please email me with more details on this – i want to follow up to ensure access for all
  • @Bronwyn_Pike I simply want to know whether prins can do this and if not I expect action from you I have emailed you before and nothing
  • .@SPOT1706 Its hard to respond without more information – please ring or email my office and I will follow up

melissarog @Bronwyn_Pike Very excited about DEECD Statewide Games Day on Monday – what a great initiative for Literacy & Numeracy Week

  • jaymzdj @Bronwyn_Pike what’s your favourite Winter and Summer activities in Melbourne?
  • @jaymzdj Walking to Vic market and Royal Park are my favorites – any day of the year

Melchashen @Bronwyn_Pike with the focus on technology in Ed will schools receive more tech support?

@melcashen Funded Ultranet, IT coaches, extra digicontent more PD and will do more in the future

Tobyandsamsmum could you please provide some information about unmet demand for primary schools in inner south melbourne?

martyspence What about extending WorkSafe to cover research students in Victorian Universities?

Great use of technology for sharing conversations! Great to see our Minister for Education personally experience  the technology that so many of her teachers and students love to use and witness in real time the powerful benefits that it can bring. @Bronwyn_Pike has said she will do this again. Will you join in next time?


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