eT@lking: Workshop in Second Life

A scene from the Second Life space

Marian Heddesheimer, an online tutor from Germany, was our presenter for this week’s eT@lking session. The topic was “Second Life” and the session was workshop in nature. Marian ably led us through a series of slides which explained how to find

  • educational destinations or landing spots that might be of interest to educators
  • how to move, change direction
  • how  to get sound etc

Then with some fabulous professional application sharing and expertise, the elluminate screen showed the space where Marian wanted us to meet him. All participants who had downloaded the latest version of second life were able to join him here. Those of us who were unable to get in could still observe what was happening.  Marian explained the education notice board, displaying “New Citicens Incorporated” and how to find PD sessions etc ‘in world’. A fascinating workshop! Thank you Marian!

Listen to the recording

Listen to the first session that Marian ran on Second Life


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