Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s sessions

Tech Talk Tuesdays – Tuesday, August 24th 3:45 -4:45pm (Melbourne, Australia gmt+10)

Topic:  ‘LEEP’ing into Leadership- Students as ICT Mentors

Synopsis: LEEP stands for Lodgers’ E-learning Extension and is a special program offered to high achieving students at Berwick Lodge Primary School, Melbourne, Australia. One of the main goals of the program is to enable students to become ICT leaders in their classroom, modelling and supporting their peers and teachers to utilise ICT skills that enhance learning. The students who participate in the program have lessons in advanced ICT skills and are supported to develop the social and interpersonal skills necessary for leadership and peer mentoring.
This is the second year of the program and it is gathering momentum as the students develop confidence and have experience in the role. Equally teachers are becoming more comfortable and adept at utilizing the ICT student experts in their room.
Link to the session:-
About out presenter:- Lois Smethurst has been a Primary Teacher for more than twenty years and a Leading Teacher in ICT for the last 10. Her qualifications include Masters of Information Technology in Education, Intel Master Trainer, Peer Coach in ICT and Graduate Diploma in Computing. Lois works at Berwick Lodge Primary School in Victoria Australia.
Lois has been presented with the Victoria Information Technology Award for “Most Outstanding Use of Technology in a Government School” and the Gippsland Learning Technology award for “Best Use of Learning Technologies in a Primary School.” In 2004 and 2005 she was a member of the “ICT Achievers” writing team for integrating ICT, Digital Learning Objects and Kahootz.
Her interests are education in ICT rich environments for teachers and students, web2.0 tools and technologies, global collaboration and constructivist learning. Her current role is in e_Learning extension for highly able students and whole school leadership in ICT. Lois has been working on a number of projects since starting at BerwickLodge Primary School, but in particular, developing a school wide blogging culture, global connections using Skype and using digital technologies to enhance learning through oral language. Most recently the students at BLPS were the only Australian school to participate in the Flatclassrooms Global Debate – Eracism.

eT@lking: Wednesday August 25th, 8-9pm  (Melbourne, Australia gmt+10)

Topic: Second Life Workshop

This class will give you a visual tour about how to use Second Life ® (SL) and find interesting places using your avatar. Marian Heddesheimer will show you how to teleport to interesting places in SL, how you move your avatar and get information about the virtual world. The class will start as presentation (using desktop sharing) to show you my own view in the SL Viewer Version 2. The second part will be a live hands-on tour directly in SL where you need to start up the SL Viewer along with the Elluminate virtual classroom.
– How to find interesting places
– How to teleport
– Walking, Running, Flying around
– Getting information
– Finding schools and classes in SL
– visiting an SL school in world
Prerequisites: You need to have an account at Secondlife already. If you don’t have a (free) account yet, please create one before you come into class at: Please make sure you will be able to run the SL viewer along with the Elluminate virtual classroom to take part of the second part of this workshop. To do this, your computer needs to have enough power to handle both windows side by side. Usually a fast Windows desktop computer with a DSL-1000 Internet connection will be sufficient.
This class will give you a visual tour about how to use Second Life ® (SL) and find interesting places using your avatar.
Link to the session
About our presenter: Marian Heddesheimer Teaching in SL since 2007 (formerly head of scripting dept. at Academy of Second Learning). Currently I’m selling scripting tutorials in world and doing freelance work with scripting and teaching in SL.


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