The Ultranet – What now?

This was the topic for an online session in elluminate, on ‘reflections on the ultranet’. In our audience there were ultranet coaches, ultranet lead users, teachers, student teachers and an interested participant from the USA. Here is a link to the recording. Participants shared their ideas and interacted via both the chat and the whiteboard. Link to the recording

The whiteboard was used to discuss the following:-

  1. Negatives and postitives from the Ultranet Day (it was great to see that the positives filled up the board more!)
  2. Topics for tonight’s session
  3. What now – how to fit into the current school schedule?
  4. Ideas for Ultranet spaces
  5. What next?

The Ultranet Revisited screen dumps in a ppt presentation.

From the chat:-

  • Join the guidetoinnovation ning
  • Heather Bailie: ONe of my tweets ended up in the age!!
  • Greg Twitt: we ended up in local newspaper
  • we wanted staff to learn more about 21CL
  • for many schools web2.0 is a new innovation so it was great  on the day
  • Most important to keep up the momentum and give staff time to continue connecting.
  • we have also included a regular ultranet item on the staff meeting agenda
  • We are having friday morning snapshots, and 1 hour PD sessions 3 times a term
  • We are going to be using our staff meetings to make it a priority.
  • ll info regarding PD is now shared through the Ultranet rather than via e mail or intranet
  • I think it is essential that the profile of the ultranet is brought forward and is a “no opt out”
  • we have built it into staff meetings to build teacher capacity in it before student  come on board
  • Georgina: We’ve been part of a seven school online development. Many lessons learnt.
  • IDAM support
  • am a bit worried about bringing parents/students on board when staff haven’t had much success
  • exactly – before we go ahead and start creating spaces willy nilly, we need to be thinking about what we are trying to achieve? What is the purpose?
  • We are structuring which spaces we have and what they are for before asking staff to build them
  • It is very important that schools liaise with their ultranet coaches to help them plan to move forward. They are the ones who have experience and training.
  • seen this happen too many times in the US and it ends up failing plus a big waste of money – training is so important
  • Students will use the system far more than some teachers. As time goes on if teachers don’t get on board then we found students didn’t continue either.
  • IDAM video tutorials:
  • Set up a word or Excel doc and put answers and passwords, usernames  there (for younger students)
  • The coaches help heaps, but staff are essentially being asked to learn a new system in their own time.
  • absolutely agree but the coaches are there to help when it’s needed and to provide training for Lead users who will train people in their schools. It is so important to have someone to call on when there are issues.
  • Create a mentoring system with students. It works wonders in supporting other students and teachers.
  • We created the STAR program that was a personal learning program that supported student learning via the online space.
  • I really hope that our model which includes a heavy commitment to providing training in all schools will ensure that this initiative will be more successful than others.
  • we have created two spaces that everyone must join
  • loonyhiker: really enjoying this conversation – making me see how similar our countries are and dealing with a lot of the same problems
  • I think that techs need to be part of it as they some are missing the link between teaching and learning with ICT.
  • I believe their job is to provide us with a working network etc. We don’t get them to help us teach literacy and mathsso i think we need to seperate the tech from the teaching and learning
  • definitely help with technical issues but I believe the decision was made that their work is focussed on the technical aspects of the school. The Ultranet is not dependant upon technical know how.
  • Can you use iFrame to embed the bookings system?
  • we do ours through excel these can then be uploaded and put in a wiki
  • We’re looking at embedding existing wikis and Web 2.0 spaces within iFrame.
  • It’s important to have an ending on all calendar notices so that they finish in a timely way.
  • This needs to be inclusive not exclusive to ensure all understand teaching and learning.
  • Our tech has been interested in how we are going to use it in the classroom.  Have been sharing all that I have been doing with him.
  • Twitter has been invaluable to my PD on Ultranet
  • Web forms are another application. You can make up a form for people to submit information
  • I’ve made one for library new book requests, when completed it emails to me
  • Is it possible to create a space on the Ultranet between meetings?
  • hitchikers guide to the ultranet is every fortnight on elluminate
  • Look for elluminate innovators in the design spaces…
  • I think I will use an alphabet task as a wiki to start with
  • Look for North Fitzroy PS in Vimeo

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