Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s sessions

Another two exciting sessions are being brought to you this week.

Tech Talk Tuesdays – Aug 17th 8-9pm

Topic: Making the Impossible, Possible – Implementing a Virtual Worlds’ Program in a Traditional School Environment

Presenter: Lucy Barrow

Synopsis:- In this session we will explore one school’s journey to implement their Virtual Worlds Program. Even in a traditional school environment it is possible to bring about change to engage and motivate students in their learning. By using Quest Atlantis and OpenSim, teachers have discovered that enthusiasm and persistence are two of the key ingredients for educators looking to use virtual worlds with their students. Even those with little experience in this field can make it happen with the right support Join us as we explore the differences between virtual worlds such as Quest Atlantis and OpenSim and look at examples of student work across a number of curriculum areas.
Lucy Barrow is the innovative Staff ICT Trainer at Ballarat Grammar and responsible for the ICT Training of staff across a K-12 campus with approximately 1,300 students and 120 teachers. Prior to her current role, Lucy was the ICT Coordinator and ICT Specialist at three Catholic Primary Schools in Melbourne. She has a keen interest in web 2.0 tools and virtual worlds in education.
Link to the session

eT@lking: Wednesday 8-9pm Melbourne, Australia (gmt+10)

Topic:- Math 2.0 interest group: A year in review and brave new plans

Maria Droujkova, USA, the founder of Math 2.0 interest group, invites you to participate in the discussion of mathematical communities. During the event, we will look at different community types and discuss their accomplishments and needs. You will hear what founders of Scratch, GeoGebra, Calculation Nation, Cut the Knot, MathPlayground, ViewPoints Research, The Art of Problem Solving and many more math communities consider important tasks in mathematics education, and how they go about accomplishing the tasks. You can use the event to find math communities that will welcome your participation and add to your personal learning network. Maria will also talk about plans and dreams of the Math 2.0 group for the next year, including virtual and face-to-face conferences, the math game development forum, publishing efforts, and spin-off event series.
Link to the session:
About Maria: Maria Droujkova is the founder of Math 2.0 interest group She is the founder of natural math and mathfuture


One response to “Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s sessions

  1. Anne thank you so much for these two amazing sessions this week. I have collected so many resources to keep me busy over the weekend. This year I have been experiencing the best PD ever!

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