Tech Talk Tuesday: Twitter Revisited

A follow up session to the twitter discussion of last week, was the nature of this week’s Tech Talk Tuesday. Participants contributed to the conversations, sharing their twitter accounts to demonstrate a number of features and uses of twitter. The chat, as always, proved to be of great value.

The icebreaker: How I feel today in a colour/shape!

From the chat:-

  • 3D Map of the Titanic site for class virtual visits
  • Find people on twitter with common interests from this site
  • Twitter for Teachers
  • Twitter in the Classroom
  • ultranet hashtags got us together with heaps of local educators
  • twitter has led me to many excellent professional development webinars and live streams
  • The best part of the Ultranet hiccup yesterday was the #ultranet as it meant I got to find out a whole lot more local tweeps
  • i love watching TV with Twitter – watching shows that people on Twitter are commenting on at the same time
  • I have a bit of a pet peeve though with people who use multiple hashtags in a twee
  • You can edit the hastags in TweetDeck
  • when we had an earthquake in Melbourne we were able to pinpoint the epicentre through tweets before it was even on the news
  • I set up a twitter feed for #fashion for my VET Fashion students
  • and a back channel of discussions like when at conferences
  • there is a TV show called question and answer, they put tweets at the bottom of the screen during the program
  • what is the difference between @ and # when you want to do a search – @ is for people # is for searching eg @penpal will get you. #edchat links lots of people by subject
  • tell about tweetshrink too 🙂
  • i have two vanity columns! 🙂
  • seesmic is another good one similar to tweetdeck but I still prefer tweetdeck
  • Tweetdeck is nice to sync between the iPhone and computer
  • hashtags are only effective if everyone uses the same hashtag for a topic or event–doesn’t always happen
  • twapperkeeper –
  • there have been some people using group follows where you can follow everyone in the group with one click-I think Moodle Mayhem did that. Ever wish you could follow all the Moodle Mayhem members who have twitter accounts? Click on this link. Using tweeple
  • Topify can help you figure out who to follow back See Chris Betcher’s blog post on topify
  • Twitterblast
  • Blastfollow What Is BlastFollow?
  • Last week’s recording on Twitter Share ‘n Tell
  • John Pearce’s shared twitter resources
  • anyone else discovered historious?
  • One of my Webslides is here
  • Just in Twilk takes your Twitter followers’ profile photos and puts them on your Twitter background.
  • Great post by Shamblesguru with list of so much, twitter.

Why people use twitter?

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