The Big Day In! The Ultranet launch

Students who attend government schools  in Victoria Australia, will have a student free day on Monday 9th August, so that all staff can gain professional development on the ultranet – the  launch of a learning management system that has been several years in the making.  Principals have been invited to the Big Day Out in Melbourne where

  1. Yong Zhao
  2. Richard Elmore
  3. Sugata Mitra will speak.

Principals will be encouraged to tweet, sms, email and web forum

Meanwhile for our “Big Day In” at Hawkesdale P12 College, all staff will be involved, both teaching and non-teaching.

Preparation for the Day

Britt Gow, my teaching colleague and fellow ultranet lead teacher has spent many, many hours of work in preparation for this day. She has developed

  • an ultranet passport
  • a running sheet and program for the day
  • an initial wallwisher asking teachers what they would like to know about the ultranet.

An online session in elluminate was offered to share conversations amongst ultranet lead users two weeks ago.

We have ordered food (always a priority for the day), the library to run our initial session in, power boards, netbooks for the non teaching staff who do not have a laptop. (How will they work them without a mouse?), an alternative program should the internet and the ultranet go down.


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