eT@lking: Creative Commons in Education

This session was led by Jenny Luca, an Australian school librarian, popular blogger and experienced presenter.  Jenny spoke about the different types of creative commons licenses and a number of useful websites. The tweets went out during the session and the chat was busy!

From the chat:-

  • Limewire=loads of viruses!
  • From @Adrian Camm: Is copyright in its current form relevant in the 21st century? What about the millions of remixes on things like youtube? Just some thoughts…. What your take Jenny?
  • @Coach_Carole: I like the title Creative Commons – it gives the impression of useage for people on the commons (the old village green)
  • Cathy Oxley:- even if you go to the Creative Commons website, there is no guarantee that the images are free to use. From the website” Do not assume that the results displayed in this search portal are under a CC license”  This does  not give the students confidence in thinking the images are free to use. In response by @adrian_camm – @cathy so what the solution? Doesn’t that then provide an added layer of learning? Having students then have to authenticate or validate the source?
  • Smartcopying
  • for CC images
  • Children should be taught about creative commons: @murcha as soon as they are creating online (response from twitter)
  • Creative Commons- US site
  • generator is really cool – great project from ACMI
  • Slide Rocket
  • Attributions are the essential professionals elements for using other’s work – protecting your ip is a dilemma
  • Australian site
  • Jenny’s blog post on searching for creative commons for images and music.

Listen to the recording

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