Tech Talk Tuesdays Getting the Picture: Working with Online Images

Thanks John for your great presentation on Getting the Picture – Working with Online Images and for giving up your valuable time. Listen to the recording.

In this session, John Pearce spoke about

  1. Different types of digital editing software available (all were free, except where otherwise stated)
  2. Some of the hardware that might be used to capture images including digital microsopes, dinolite, variety of digital cameras, including flip.
  3. Examples of online digital editing software
  4. Ipod apps for digital editing and much more.

We had an amazing audience who contributed and shared willingly in the chat.

Pre-session discussions:

  • Temperatures in USA ranged from 102 to 108 deg fahrenheit compared with 12 degrees centigrade in southern Australia.
  • The oil spill in the USA: Chris Johnston lives approximately 150 kms from the oil spill and talked about it and its effect on their area. This is rather amazing, to get the news from people who live there. @pgeorge informed us that there have been 3 webcasts on Teachers Teaching Teachers re oil spill curriculum-you can check them out here:

From the fabulous chat came the following and doesn’t this show the power of social networking in online tools like elluminate:-

  • Sample photopeach story by Peggy George
  • picasa and flickr for online photo storage. picasa is great.. will let you make short movies either from stills or mpegs and send to Utube
  • Radney: My goal is eventually to get all my curriculum online and teach class using only my iPhone.
  • picture manager is oly available for PC
  • irfaniview – great free download for PC’s for digital image editing
  • The camera in the iPhone 4 is better than the Droid camera but the Android camera app has more tools to help you with white balance, exposurem, etc.
  • there is actually a photoshop app for the iphone
  • I use faststone image viewer
  • the photoshop app for iPhone is good
  • so is autostich, best camera, night camera, hipstamatic, and photogene – all of those are on my iPhone.
  • photo Buffet is an app that makes you a better photographer
  • I’m really liking Camera+  Like to zoom in more and crop/edit with it
  • Gimp
  • has some great help files
  • I think with a lot of tools, you need to spend a serious amount of time getting through the initial haze, then a lot of applications become comfortable.
  • now Picnik is familiar and I love it
  • we took pictures in front of a green screen then edited and layered them in Gimp
  • Gimp training, tutorials etc:
  • The ning from my tech camp last week
  • More Gimp help and links to Online Tools for photos
  • There is even a music creator on Aviary.
  • ttp://
  • Favourite photo tools –
  • I love Diigo lists because you can view them as web pages in a slide show and pause to click on them
  • That’s the one I love!! mobile
  • I think my fave is Best Camera created by photographer Chase Jarvis
  • yes you get a slideshow of the web page screenshots–just go to the link I gave you and click on the link for “play as webslides”
  • The beauty of social bookmarking: let someone else do the updating for you. Form a group and we can all play together.
  • While a publicity stunt this shows how powerful cell phone cameras are
  • I like for fun editing for pictures
  • I like Comic Life on my iphone too
  • I love the things you can do with bighugelabs with your photos
  • this is a fantastic flickr site for great photos and quotes for education:
  • From John Pearce: “here’s the link to my 365 pics blog

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