Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s sessions!

Tech Talk Tuesday, Tuesday July 20th, 3:45-4:45pm (Melbourne, Australia time gmt+10)

Topic: Getting the Picture -Working with Online Images

Guest Presenter: John Pearce     link to session

Synopsis: Digital cameras are so ubiquitous these days that just about anyone can take a digital image or movie. Despite this so many digital images do not get past the camera let alone get adapted for use in the classroom or beyond. This need not be the case as digital images and movies can be used very easily to enhance student learning. This session will explore ways to manipulate and change digital images using a range of free and open source as well as online image editors. John will also share where you can find, and how to search for images on the internet that you can use freely, and if time permits will also look at how you and your students can share and add to the pool of suitable digital images and movie content worldwide as well via Flickr, TeacherTube and

About John: John is an Education Consultant for Salty Solutions Education Consultancy.
Having spent more than thirty years teaching in primary schools in Bendigo and Geelong, John Pearce now runs his own education consultancy. Throughout his teaching career he has had an ongoing interest in science education as well as the use of ICT across the curriculum. This interest was recognized in 2006 with a Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award and 2007 with the VITTA Outstanding Primary Teacher Award. John has also been awarded the BHP Primary Science teacher of the Year Award as well as a Science Travel Scholarship.
John has been a regular presenter at local, national and international conferences in the science and ICT area. As well as having an ongoing interest in the use of IWBs in the classroom, John has also been particularly interested in the use of blogs. wikis, podcasts and related social software in educational settings. He has recently co-authored Technology Toolkit: An Introduction To Web 2.0 focusing on the latter. See John’s blog

eT@lking Wednesday 21st July, 8-9pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

Topic:  Elearning Innovations for VET in VIC

Presenter: Debbie Soccio

Synopsis: Debbie Soccio will be the guest presenter on Victorian Innovation Projects for VET – new twitter arrangements and other innovations for project collaboration HOWARD’s GIG

About Debbie Soccio: Debbie has worked in the vocational education sector, both in industry, with private RTOs, in the adult literacy sector and within TAFE for 19 years. In her current position, she works as a consultant focussing on the embedding of e-learning into businesses and training. Her particular interests are in the field of supporting teachers to develop programs and e-learning resources for students.

She is particularly interested in assisting staff to incorporate the use of multimedia to document the journeys that students are taking in their own lives and in their formal learning. Debbie is interested in using new technologies (including audio based activities in online learning and using digital stories to provide interactive multimedia materials for students.) Debbie is a senior eLearning consultant at e-Works and the Victorian e-Learning Coordinator for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework

Link to the session: or


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