Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – some great sessions this week!

School is back in Victoria, Australia after a two week winter break and Tech Talk Tuesdays commences and eT@lking continues! This week there is a fantastic line up of sessions, so dont miss them – all by leading world authorites on their respective topics. An extra Australia series session will also be held on Thursday.

  1. Teaching and Learning without a Classroom with Andrew Douch
  2. 5 Ways to use Videoconferencing in the Classroom with Carol Skyring
  3. 5 big global trends in education with Nigel Paine

Tech Talk Tuesdays – have you heard of Douchy’s podcasts – continually at or near the top of iTunes educational podcasts!

Topic:- Teaching and Learning without a Classroom

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 13th 3:45 -4:45pm (gmt+10 Melbourne Australian Time)

In this presentation, award winning and innovative Andrew Douch will explain how he has successively removed teaching & learning activities from the classroom and replaced them with online equivalents that are equally (or more) effective. His journey started in 2006 with a biology podcast (which is now receiving 1000 downloads a day) through which he explains the concepts that were previously only explained in class. Now he teaches biology to a class who does not even have a place in the school timetable! He will share the tools he has used and/or is using, including podcasting, screencasting, instant messaging, various websites/social networks and Elluminate. Some of his students will (hopefully) also attend to give a student perspective.
About Andrew:  Andrew Douch is a practicing teacher of 20 years, and is currently the ICT Innovations Leader at Wanganui Park Secondary College, in Victoria, Australia.
He has won a number of awards in recent years for his work with emerging technologies in education, including an Australian Government Highly Commended Award for Quality Schooling, the Victorian Education Excellence Award for Curriculum Innovation and the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teacher of the Year.
Link to the session or copy and paste this url into your browser:
Andrew is in demand as a keynote speaker, locally and internationally and is sought as a consultant by schools and Education Departments on the use of online tools in schools. He is also in demand to provide professional learning workshops in schools – showing teachers how they can use freely available tools to transform their classrooms into learning communities, which not only engage Generation Y students, but lead to significantly improved learning outcomes.

Link to the session or

eT@lking  5 Ways to Use Videoconferencing in the Classroom

There are many ways that videoconferencing can enhance the educational experience. In this session Carol Skyring will talk about five ways to extend your classroom and show you how you can involve your students in a variety of experiences. She will give you links to a number of websites where you can find videoconference content and exchange ideas with other educators.
About Carol: Carol has been involved in the design, application and effective use of videoconferencing since 1993. She works with universities, colleges, schools, government departments, large corporations and SMEs throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.Several of Carol’s papers &amp; articles can be accessed at <a href=””></a> and she is author of the popular blog  ‘Videoconferencing Tips & Tricks

Link to the session   (or

Topic:  5 Big Global Trends in Education

This webinar is organised by Carole McCulloch as part of the elluminate “Australia series”. Nigel Paine will present of the topic of “Five big Global trends in Education”
This session will discuss a few of the larger shifts in eLearning that are occurring as a result of improvements in technology, global economic forces and the changing workforce. We will ask questions like: do they make sense in an Australian context? What should I be doing about this now? How quickly will they impact on me?
The participants will be encouraged to share their own stories and examples and it should be fun!
About Nigel: Nigel Paine has been involved in learning technologies for over twenty years. He has run organisations producing software, CD Roms and multimedia materials,one of which won an EMMA (European Multi-media award). His company was the first in the UK to have educational software bundled by Apple for the US market. Nigel is currently visiting Australia from London.
He left the BBC in 2006 to start his own company that is focussing on promoting creativity, innovation and learning and the link between them. He speaks at conferences around the world and writes for a range of international publications. He is also coaching senior executives in companies in Europe, Australia and the USA.
He is infectiously optomistic about the power of learning to transform both individuals and organisations and is a great believer in innovation as a means of constant renewal.
He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and the Royal Society of Arts and has been a visiting Professor at Napier University since 1998. In 2006 he was awarded the Masie Learning Through Leader Award, and has been a Masie Fellow every since.
Link to the session  or
This event is sponsored by elluminate as part of the Australia series.


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