eT@lking- eCapability: What is it and how do we get it?

Clint Smith, director of LearnWorks, performance design solutions, spoke on the topic of eCapability.

How do you embed eLearning?

  • teambuilding: retain teams to implement other initiatives
  • benchmarking: measure your e-progress
  • market research:  check the demand for e
  • repertoire: extend your e-Learning tools
  • planning: integrate elearning in other plans
  • upskilling: build your staff e-capability
  • support: resource e-mentors or champions
  • fund: investigate other sources or models
  • partner: make alliances to build scope
  • prepare: build e-Learner skills and awareness

Clint went on to talk about the strategic e-capabilities.

Ten top tips for getting eCapability

  1. Plan for success
  2. Lead the change
  3. Just deliver
  4. Set delivery targets
  5. Hunt in packs
  6. Use what you’ve got
  7. Look after your mates
  8. Think training delivery solutions
  9. Sell it, sell it again and again
  10. Reward performers

Listen to the recording

From the chat:-

  • A pearl of wisdom from Rob: One problem is that verbal collaboration is fleeting but online exchange is not, your contributions are permanent

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