Daily Archives: May 31, 2010

Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking

Please join us for this week’s online webinars:-

Date: Tuesday, June 1st 3:45-4:45pm (Melbourne, gmt+10)

Topic: Web conferencing and student collaboration

Speaker: Claire Bloom

Link to elluminate session

About Claire:


Date: Wed June 2nd, 8-9pm (Melbourne, gmt+10)

Topic: Mahara e-portfolios

Presenter: Carole McCulloch

Topic synopsis: Learn how to build an eportfolio in Mahara. You’ll gain access to a Mahara system, create your own account and learn how to upload your artefacts and create a view to share with someone. Mahara is an award winning open source software:-  Winner of 2008 New Zealand open source awards and a silver award recipient in Learning Impact.

Link to session

Facebook and the very young!

There is a saying that popular uptake of online sites can go ‘viral’.

Unfortunately, this is happening in our primary section of the school, where young students are registering for facebook membership and tweaking their age so they appear to be 16. Some are as young as grade 4.

Their classroom teacher has come to me quite concerned about the situation and seeking advice. To further complicate the situation, Students have not set their profile to private, therefore are completely open for all to see The teacher cannot even show them how to be safe and set their profile to private as facebook is blocked within our school. (She does not support the facebook registration at all, but she does want them to be safe.) Has anyone else had to deal with these issues and how have you dealt with them? Do we as teachers have the responsibility to educate these students appropriately? The latest publicity surrounding facebook and its privacy settings would suggest that we do. Any advice, opinions etc gladly sought. What can be done?