Tech Talk Tuesday and eT@lking

Tech Talk Tuesdays

Date: Tuesday, May 24th

Topic: Voice First with Lois Smethurst

Time: 3:45-4:45 pm (gmt+10, Melbourne, Australian time)

Synopsis:- Digital audio can be used at all levels, in a variety of ways with students to help them make sense of their learning. Oral language has often played second fiddle to reading and writing in our teaching practice yet it is the corner stone for all language development and also for constructing learning in a meaningful way.

In this session, Lois will discuss the use of voicethread, livescribe pens, skype and podcasting in the classroom. “Voice First” is about creating meaningful learning through oral language and the increasing importance of developing verbal communication as we move into an era of global classrooms. 

This presentation will cover some of the reasons why it is important to use audio in classrooms, practical examples for the general classroom and more detailed explanation of how Voicethread, Skype, and other online tools can be used to develop verbal communications and global collaboration.

Lois Smethurst has been a Primary Teacher for more than twenty years and a Leading Teacher in ICT for the last 10. Her qualifications include Masters of Information Technology in Education, Intel Master Trainer, Peer Coach in ICT and Graduate Diploma in Computing. Lois works at Berwick Lodge Primary School in Victoria Australia.

About Lois: Lois has been presented with the Victoria Information Technology Award for “Most Outstanding Use of Technology in a Government School” and the Gippsland Learning Technology award for “Best Use of Learning Technologies in a Primary School.” In 2004 and 2005 she was a member of the “ICT Achievers” writing team for integrating ICT, Digital Learning Objects and Kahootz.

Her interests are education in ICT rich environments for teachers and students, web2.0 tools and technologies, global collaboration and constructivist learning. Her current role is in e_Learning extension for highly able students and whole school leadership in ICT. Lois has been working on a number of projects since starting at Berwick Lodge Primary School, but in particular, developing a school wide blogging culture, global connections using Skype and using digital technologies to enhance learning through oral language. Most recently the students at BLPS were the only Australian school to participate in the Flatclassrooms Global Debate – Eracism.

Link to session


Date: Wed, 25th May 8-9pm (gmt+10, Melbourne Victorian time)

Topic: Under the Microscope

Presenter:  Stanley Yip

Synopsis:  Murder under the Microscope project. ‘MuM’ is an online environmental game for school students in years 5 to 10, typically children aged 9 to 15 years. Teams of students research and analyse the evidence to solve the crime.”

Link to the session



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