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eT@lking: eLearning Innovations in South Australia

Douglas Purcell was our most informative  presenter tonight on eT@lking. Douglas shared the innovative projects at the cutting edge of technology, that he co-ordinates. It was wonderful to hear how the projects are managed, which applications are  successful and to view a range of the innovative projects that are in progress this year. Douglas walked us through some of the online sites using the application sharing feature of elluminate. Here is a link to the recording.

From the Douglas came the following links:-

POV & video projects – links

Virtual Worlds in Learning

From the chat came the following:-

At the end of the session Douglas talked about the use of MS Powerpoint and its conversion into rich digital learning objects for online use.

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Is it really pen and paper? The livescribe pen

Jenny Ashby is a prep to 1 classroom teacher in Bendigo, Victoria. Jenny described the pen, demonstrated its potential uses and ways in which it had been used in her classroom. She walked us through some of the files that she had saved and readily answered questions. Stu Knox from Curtin University was a participant and they are trialling the livescribe pens with their ESL students. Link to the recording.

From the chat came the following:

Student 2.0 Student

Working with CEP (Country Education Project) on the prospect of online teaching rounds with final year Education students at the University of Ballarat, I have worked with some of the students as an advisor for their enterprise project. One of the students is named Hein. Hein asked to speak to my students on life at university, preparation for applying for university and general hints and tips for a seamless transition to university. He had prepared a MS Powerpoint presentation and used elluminate to make his presentation. I helped by booking a room through the Victorian Department of Education’s Virtual Conference Centre.

My year 12 ITA students were studying virtual team work as part of their course so this was an ideal application of their theory work. Hein talked from a student’s point of view so his tips, ideas and aspirations were interesting to listen to. The chat was quiet initially but students were soon asking some excellent questions in relation to advice on GAP years, university life etc

Listen to the recording