Daily Archives: May 11, 2010

Gifted Students from a Student’s Point of View

This session included an analysis and description of merspi. Here is the link to the recording. James provided us with a real insight into the minds of students, especially as they approach their final year of school. He was a great speaker so please take time to listen to the recording and follow his current status as co-founder and administrator of merspi (together with Colin Li).  Merspi is a Web 2.0 social learning website for VCE students. Students are able to ask questions and have them answered by members of the community.

James spoke of his frustrations when studying VCE, as text based books did not provide him with the information or engagement that he required. He also spoke of a teacher ‘who believed in him’ and encouraged him to push the boundaries. As a teacher, James made me reflect on the type of teacher that I am and how students perceive me. Thank you for that, James

As James walked us through the merspi site the following came up in the chat:-

  • I love that students can answer each other’s questions!
  • From Colin Li “I don’t think the site would work otherwise! Students being able to answer adds so much value for the asker and the answerer.”
  • Poor answers can be edited by seasoned users and moderators. And you can vote up good answers up on the left.
  • I really like that students aren’t asking things like how long does my essay need to be? how big are the margins? etc.
  • Editing becomes “unlocked” as you gain the community’s trust through a ‘reputation/karma’ system
  • that’s amazing!! 20,000 page views a month?
  • the moderation and participation by teachers/faculty seems really important
  • From Peggy George “Outstanding presentation, James”