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Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@Lking

Tech Talk Tuesdays

Topic: Gifted Students from a student’s point of view

Presenter: James Spittal

Date/Time: 11th May 3:45-4:45pm Melbourne Australian time (gmt+10)

In this session, James Spittal will be presenting. James was classified as a gifted student at school. He is responsible for the setting up of the VCE student conversations networking forum which was launched in Oct 2009 and is a place to ask VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) questions. Hear from James his experiences at school and the frustrations and challenges faced whilst at school. Learn about the innovative website, he has helped create, where a student is helping VCE students. Bring your questions, share your experiences or join in the conversations.

Link to the session Please join us!

eT@lking – Immersive Environments

Date/Time: Wednesday May 12th 8-9pm Melbourne Australian time (gmt+10)

Presenter: Colin Wood

Why use virtual world/immersive learning environments
How are they different to other online learning solutions
What are the key leverage points or differentiators
What is happening locally and internationally
How do you get started with virtual world/immersive learning environments

About Colin: Colin Wood spent 17 years teaching in primary and secondary schools before moving to a regional consultancy position. He is currently the Manager Partnerships for Learning at the NSW Centre for Learning Innovation. He is well versed in the various aspects of ICT integration in teaching and learning and education transformation. During 2008 and 2009 he established effective partnerships with national organisations including National ICT Australia (NICTA) and Smart Services CRC and ensured that their technologies were trialled and refined in an educational test-bed. Through these collaborations Colin Wood  has been able to interact with some of Australia’s leading academics who are both developing technical innovations and researching the social and learning impacts of Virtual Worlds/Immersive Environments. He recently attended the 2010 Immersive Education Initiative Summit in Boston.

Please join us! Link to the session