Malaysian Connections #4

As each week goes by, our logging in to elluminate speeds up. This means we can share for a longer period of time. Still, there were technical issues as Mr Zainuddin’s laptop would not work! So Zainuddin, the teacher was an observer! Hope it works next week. Microphones are still not working, but it is easier to start with the chat and work our way up to the more challenging features.

Three questions were asked of the students:-

  1. What is your favourite food?
  2. What is special about your school?
  3. List the technology that you use at home.

What we learnt:- the different foods of Malaysia!

  • nasi lemak
  • kuey teow
  • nasi bryani
  • laksa
  • catch of the day from Dome and chicken fried rice!

Students in Malaysia call their mobile phones, hand phones.

Here are screen dumps of the white board

Link to the recording

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