Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking

Tech Talk Tuesdays – May 4th

Topic: 3D Virtual Worlds – One school’s journey

Guest Presenter: Steve Collis

Time: 3:45-4:45pm (Melbourne, Australia time gmt+10)

Online in elluminate: Link to join the session

Steve Collis is our guest presenter for this session. Steve is a multi award winning innovative teacher at Northern Beaches Christian School in NSW. This school established a locked 3D virtual world at the start of 2009 using the Second Life software. Students were recruited and keen to lead the virtual space. These students then submitted building projects for approval, implemented them, equipping the island with educational facilities such as a virtual art gallery, radio station, book shop (selling student compositions), tutorial centre and customisable Maths maze.
A great deal was learnt in 2009 about practical applications for using the virtual space in the classroom to target specific learning skills. There are learning activities that are adaptable, repeatable, require very little preparation time, and are pedagogically effective.
This session will include a tour of the virtual island and facilities, a review of the learning activities developed and run with students, and comments about the psychological nature of virtual space. A preview of this session can be seen at Practical considerations such as a safety, parental permission, and cost will also be addressed.

eT@lking:– Wed May 5th

Topic: Twitter

Guest Presenter: Jess McCulloch

Time: 8-9pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Online in elluminate: Link to join the session

Jess McCulloch will be the guest presenter. Some of the following topics will be discussed in this session:- why twitter, how to join twitter, choosing a twitter handle, the all important personal profile, how to find people, who should we follow, how many to follow, how to make lists, how to get the most out of twitter, using twitter in education and the classroom, tips for experienced tweeters and your questions!!!
Jess is an inspirational and versatile languages teacher who has used web2.0 for great effect in teaching languages, especially mandarin Chinese. In Jess’ own words she- “Plays: with technology and Chinese language education.” Please note there is something for everyone- new and old to twitter!

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