Tech Talk Tuesdays and eT@lking – this week’s sessions

Online in elluminate will be the following free webinars. Please join us  and share with some exciting presenters:-

Tech Talk Tuesdays:- Tuesday April 27th

Topic: Learning Adventures

Time: 3:45-4:45pm (Melbourne, Australia time gmt+10)

Presenter: Adrian Camm

Topic Summary:  Learning Adventures

In order to model a more constructivist educational setting, Gary Stager coined the term ‘learning adventures’ to replace ‘assignment’ in describing classroom activity. He argues that this simple rhetorical shift has a profound impact on teachers spirit and effectiveness in teaching. In this session, Adrian Camm from McGuire College will focus on the particpation in learning adventures that are deep, rich, have inherent cross-curricular opportunities and can be used in your own classroom.

About Adrian:- 

Adrian Camm is the Head of Mathematics at McGuire College and has responsibility for senior Mathematics and Physics. He is now taking a leadership role in promoting effective use of emerging technologies across all faculty areas. His pioneering use of current and emerging technologies is impacting positively on student engagement and learning outcomes across Victoria and beyond. Adrian received two awards at the 2009 Australian Awards for Teaching Excellence; Best National Achievement – The Federal Minister for Education Award for Excellence in ICT and the Highly Commended in the Excellence by a Teacher award.

Here is the link to the session

eT@lking Wednesday April 28th

Topic: The Power of Mobile Technolgy for Powerful Learning

Presenter: Louise Duncan

Topic Description:  Louise Duncan is our guest presenter tonight. Louise won the 2009 Lindsay Thompson Fellowship – Victoria’s Education Departments’ highest award to a teacher for her work on mobile devices – iPod touches. Louise has transformed learning at Shepparton High School with the humble iPod. She is considered an eLearning champion at the school where she has taught for seven years. Ms Duncan’s tireless fundraising has enabled the school to increase its technology assets and successfully embed the use of ICT into the curriculum, with a strong focus on personalised learning through one-to-one technology – namely, the iPod. Her determination and unstoppable enthusiasm to transform learning with technology has inspired schools across the nation and impressed other project participants in Singapore, USA and the UK.

Link to join the Session


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