International Friendship Day

Friday, April 16th, was International Friendship Day in Singapore. 

“International Friendship Day is a day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. It aims to sensitise our children towards the geo-political realities inherent in Singapore, as well as nurture in our students the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people.”

The classes at Elias Park Primary  School  were busy with a number of activities. Grade 5, under the direction of their teacher, Baljeet, were writing to the students in australia about the kampong experience like the games, the house and utensils used during the kampong days. Aini Hussein’s grade 6 class were making miniature scarecrows from different countries, out of recycled materials. Students were given two chopsticks and then use their recycled materials they brought from home. The scarecrows were to represent the citizens from other countries. To our delight we were part of the demonstrations of the completed scarecrows. Elias Park students and Aini linked up using  skype to videoconference with us and one of our year 6/7 classes. In clear confident voices, students took it in turns to talk about their scarecrows. The scarecrows represented USA, China, Korea and one really creative one was a cross between an Egyption mummy and a Japanese citizen. Thank you students for a fantastic demonstration and involving us in your International Friendship Day. Our sound and video were clear and loud, but unfortunately, the students from Singapore could not hear us and had to rely on our text chat for communication.

See a movie on the videconference and linkup.


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