A global voice! A global brain! A global issue in education – ning!

A global educational issue has arisen with the proposal by ning to charge for the use of their networking tool. Becoming a member of classroom2.0 2 1/2 years ago when there were 3000 members enabled me to establish a fantastic personal learning network. Classroom 2.0 uses ning for a platform. Since then, I am a member of many nings. For me, a ning is user friendly, has the abilitiy to embed multi media, allow blogging, discussions, formation of groups etc.

When Steve Hargadon called a meeting to discuss the impact that the announcement would have on educators, I was delighted to find that I could attend. 143 educators were in the room at one stage from many different countries, cultures and languages. What an amazing event to be part of – “a global voice and a global brain”! The chat went wild and it was almost impossible to keep up with the threads!

  1. Listen to the recording. 
  2. LearnCentral discussion group for administrators of educational networks

One of the items on the agenda was “What are we going to do?” The participants then combined brains and voices and came up with “if we build our own ning alternative these are the characteristics that we would like!”

  • Ability to set privacy options
  • JGubbins207: Ability to backup and offload data
  • Easy to set up; private; possibly for under 13
  • Kevin Honeycutt: Make it possible to know your data is safe and accessible
  • The ability to have video you can watch through LI via embedded code would be nice
  • Functionality of ning
  • natural evolution
  • ease of use
  • grandfathering of existing networks and future membership growth is vital
  • Expectation No ads
  • Free for education
  • streamed video capabilities
  • Keep space for video/photo upload
  • ability for some customization (change look & feel)
  • embedded video
  • Mobile ability connection
  • customer support and training
  • ability to add features without excessive costs
  • easy migration and export
  • Categorizing of groups
  • Ability to share and store recommendations
  • Chat functions
  • Ability to create sub-networks based on interests, communities
  • Tagging
  • wiki capability
  • rss feeds
  • capability to post to multiple places eg twitter, Ning, blog
  • ability to have separate discussions and/or forums within the site
  • Forums, threaded discussions, chat, embed features, blog features
  • abiliy to video conference!
  • File sharing
  • Video chat
  • micro blogging
  • voice/podcast ability/

From the chat came: sharonbetts 1: @Alice – we have built a perfect educational social network – now need someone to build it!

What do you think? What would you add?


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