This week’s Tech Talk Tuesday and eT@lking sessions

Late announcement: Tonight’s eT@lking session’s time has been brought forward by 2 hours. It starts at 6pm gmt+10 Melbourne, Australia time.

For those who might be interested in connecting with others, sharing conversations and listening to some great presenters, there two sessions are held weekly through most of the year. The sessions will be recorded, so by entering the sessions, it is assumed that you give permission to be recorded. Details for this week are as follows:-

 Tech Talk Tuesday – Tuesday April 13th

Time:  3:45-4:45pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Title of session:- Going 1:1 (laptop programs)

Presenter: Helen Otway is assistant princpal at Manor Lakes College and will share the Manor Lakes College story so far in providing year 7 students with a laptop. She will share the some of the challenges that started to take shape in the first year.  Bring your questions, interact and share. All are welcome – from beginners through to experienced educationalists. When thinking about beginning a 1:1 laptop program what do you need to consider?
Hardware? Software? Infrastructure? Support? Costs?
 What scaffolding needs to take place for our learners – teachers and students – to prepare for 1:1 learning? Learning styles? Team work vs Independent work? Confidence? Digital Citizenship? Personal Learning skills and attitudes?
Bring your questions or experiences and share in the conversations.

The link to enter the elluminate session and the recording of the session once session is over. Thank you to the Innovations and Next Practise Division of DEECD for providing us with a room.


When: Wednesday 6-7pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

Title: eT@lking – Gimp Installation and First Steps

Presenter: Marian Heddesheimer (Germany)

Style: Workshop

Synopsis of session:-

Gimp is a popular Open Source image processing software. It’s features can be compared to commercial programs like Photoshop® or Corel Photopaint®.
Gimp is free software so you can download and use it without cost.
Using Gimp is a bit different from other programs you may know, but if you get the hang on it, it will be easy to use it. Gimp can be used to edit your photos or create images and graphics from scratch.
In this class we will just edit an existing photo (you will get an example photo during the class) and learn how to use the smudge tool from the gimp toolbox.
This class will show you how to download and install Gimp on your computer (it runs on Windows, Macintosh or Linux) and how to start and use it.
This will be a 1 hour workshop.
First 30 Minutes: Download and installation
Second Half: Starting the software and doing your first steps in using it.
be prepared that this is a WORKSHOP, so you need to be able to download software with your browser and install the software either on Windows, Macintosh or Linux.

Link to enter the session

Thank you to elluminate and Steve Hargadon for sponsoring this session, which is part of the Australia series.


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