Russian students’ climate change questionnaire

One of my great online colleagues, Ekaterina from Soglasie school in Eastern Russia together with her students are studying climate change. They need a questionnaire completed by as many as possible.

Here is the link to the questionnaire and thank you for completing it.  Why are they doing this?  Here is Ekaterina’s explanation.

The US Embassy and one of our local libraries are organising a competition of students projects under the general title “Russia nad the USA – Facing Each Other” . One of the projects category is Climate Change Issue. The school kids will have to present any kind of investigation on the Global Warming topic. My students are trying to compare the social attitude to this problem and the awareness of people from different countries. The aim of their Google form is to get answers from variuos age, social and national groups. Thus, they will get their own statistics and as the result they will be able to compare the average opinion in our local area concerning Climate Change Issue with  the average opinion from other parts of the world. To be honest with you, an average  Russian person is not well-informed on this topic. My students will have to make this conclusion and they will try to suggest their own ideas how they can change the situation at least at the level of our school.

Please help them out

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