Preparing for ACEC 2010

The internet allows us all to be connected and interactive. I have loved having a week’s school holiday (AND not going anywhere) during our Victorian two week autumn break. This has given me time to do the following pre-conference activities:-

  1. Returned actively  to twitter. There have been numerous tweets re who is going to the conference, when they are going, what should we wear to the dinner, where we are staying, meeting up during ACEC2010 through to choosing sessions etc and making prior connections to those who are attending. I can follow the tracks of the key presenters as they leave their countries and keep us informed in 140 characters where they are and what they are up to along the way. The excitement (and sometimes the nervousness) is building in this amazing social networking software platform.
  2. Read some of the key presenters blog posts to get a ‘feel’ for their passions
  3. Informed my wonderful virtual colleague Lorraine Leo @lauratech from Boston, USA who has been an amazing online connection that I am attending ACEC2010. She in turn, has now introduced me online to Alan November who organises their Building Learning Communities conference in Boston. Alan is one of the ACEC 2010 keynote speakers. The flat nature of our world, still amazes me.
  4. Watched Myths and Technologies: Technology in the Classroom by Alan November (on the advice of @lauratech)
    Changed my session choices quite a few times!
  5. Still completing my two sessions (I try to change my material with each presentation.)
  6. Joined the ACEC2010 ning  (Make sure you join this to allow conversations to continue)

When we share conversations with each other, learn from each other and socially network, education can take on a whole new interactive and fantastic perspective. The future of education is so exciting, so exciting in fact that we are only now discovering and ‘tasting’ what the future might be. Having connected with so many countries, educationalists, classes and teachers all with the same passion and needs in learning, since ACEC2008, my head often hurts when I try to envisage what education might be in 10 years time. It will be nothing like we see now. Learners at the grass roots can already be in control of their own learning – from the poorest of countries through to the most technologically advanced – all they need is the internet and the desire to learn. Learning is 24/7/365, mobile etc

Over the last two years, my classes have appeared on Russian TV news, several small video clips for use by other educationalists and I have even appeared as a guest wveral times, with other English speaking educationalists on Indonesian talk back radio in Western Java. How amazing is that, when you consider I teach in a geographically and rurally isolated school in the Western district of Victoria! Using skype, my students have listened (in real time) to a university lecturer from Qatar speaking about citizenship journalism to a class in Qatar, thanks to my connections with great friend Julie Lindsay(co-founder of the flat classroom projects. Whilst at home in the evenings, they have joined in virtual classrooms (using elluminate) with their virtual classmates from Germany (actually in school) and China, discussing their project outcomes and needs, whilst their proud parents are watching them and learning with them. My list can go on and on and will during my sessions!

I wish I was only just starting my teaching career as the future for education holds so many amazing, exciting yet undiscovered possibilities until we as teachers and educationalists take up the risk-taking adventure and help us pioneer into this exciting future.

I am so looking forward to meeting participants and reinforcing or making further connections.

What are you doing to prepare yourself for the conference?

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