eT@Lking: E-blends and Regional/remote students – Overcoming the Challenges

This topic is ‘close to my heart’, as I teach in a prep to year 12 school that is classifed as remote – remote geographically but also culturally. Jo Hart was our guest speaker for eT@lking which is part of the elluminate Australia Series. Having listened to some of Jo’s recorded sessions from  the elluminate edublogs sessionson a Friday morning, I really looked forward to hearing her speak. Jo has used elluminate and the online learning environment over a period of four years.

Meet Jo’s classes:-

  • Located in the wheatbelt of Western Australia, 155, 000kms in area and 72000 residents

Student profiles include the following:-

  • youth at risk,
  • long term unemployed,
  • mature age returning to learning,
  • culturally and linguistically diverse and
  • students having disabilities.

The course taught  involves adult literacy/numeracy courses. These students are so varied, it is difficult to individualize learning.  Jo uses elluminate for the virtual classroom, Web CT CE6 for the Learning Management system and blends these tools with the following:-

  • LORN
  • blogs
  • wikis
  • ARED
  • Hot Potatoes
  • Photostory

We had an enthausiastic audience whose participants are either directly involved in similar projects or keenly interested in the approach to blended learning outcomes in the virtual learning environment. 

Listen to the recording of this fascinating account by Jo Hart. Jo made the session as interactive as possible and at one stage asked participants for their perceived obstacles to teaching in such an environment. Below is a screen shot of what participants perceived.

From the chat window came the following:-

  • The Big Picture
  • LORN = Learning Object Repository Network – LORN is a source of LOs, similar to Learning Federation
  • Flexible Learning
  • Hot Potatoes plugs into WEBCT/Blackboard and freely embedded in moodle.
  • initiative from UK and may be coming to Australia
  • TAFE = technical and further education
  • ARED
  • Yacapaca = is an online testing space basically, it has a lot of tools that make it a bit better than the moodle quizzes – it operates out of a USA Uni, is free with some limitations.
  • eXe Learning link
  • Carole McCulloch loves kipper and flipper
  • Jo’s Blog

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