eT@lking: Developing Personal Networks

In this session, Sue Waters shared with us how to develop a learning network that will ensure you are able to learn, share, discuss and stay at the edge of cutting technology. Sue  is well known globally for supporting educators in their own professional use of the web and mobile technologies as well as with their students. Her engaging personality and inquisitive nature came through in her presentation and has enabled her to establish professional relationships across all sectors of education, and her ‘trial by practice’ approach has combined to establish Sue as one of Australia’s leading innovators in elearning. Her passions for leveraging technology for learning has seen her go from her role as a TAFE aquaculture lecturer, to a growing reputation for facilitating innovative elearning and Web 2.0 technologies PD workshops, connecting and learning from other cutting edge educators on the world stage. Sue is currently the editor of the Edublogger. Sue is rather special to me, as she befriended me on twitter and connected me to an amazing network that has helped me on my journey.

Listen to the recording

See also the following sites adminstrated by Sue:-

From the fast and furious chat came the following:-

The participants came from Italy, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, England, USA, Abu Dhabi etc


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