Daily Archives: March 18, 2010

Developing Learning Resources – eT@lking

As part of the Australia Series, eT@Lking last night featured special presenters from Holmesglen TAFE, Rowan Peter, Elias  Madie and other special guests spoke about developing learning resources. Rowan and Elias are part of the resource development team in the
Learning Innovation and Development Unit at Holmesglen. These innovative presenters have designed learning objects for the Learning Federation, other TAFE, tertiary institutions and businesses.
In this presentation they discussed:
· the production cycle of a ‘typical’ online learning resource
· development tools and techniques
· roles and responsibilities of project team members
· examples of work.

As a VCE (Year 12 teacher), I was amazed to see much of the  textbook theory evolve before my eyes and hope that they might be able to speak to my ITA students at some stage. How wonderful it is to be able to connect with those who design our learning objects. Thanks Rowan, Elias and other guests.

Listen to the recording