Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

The power of m-Learning

The presenter for Tech Talk Tuesdays, this week was Louise Duncan, the 2009 winner of the Lindsay Thompson Fellowship, the DEECD’s highest award for a Victorian educator. Louise has pioneered teaching and learning with iPod touches over several years and willingly shared her knowledge with us during this inspiring session. You can listen to the elluminate recording or continue reading about her journeys in her blog:- Personalizing Learning with the iPod touch.

From the chat

From Louise’s presentation

  • ischool initiative
  • Some useful apps:- pastebot and pastebot sync, iTalk, brushes, keynote movies, sonic pics and many more (Watch the recording for an extensive list and explanation)

Thanks Louise, you have inspired me and I cannot wait until we start work with our class set of iPod touches.