eT@lking: 3D Teaching and Learning in Second Life

Marian Heddesheimer , from Germany, was our guest tonight on eT@Lking and spoke of 3D Teaching and Learning in Second Life. This was a fascinating session presented by an experienced second lifer of three years. Participants came from Indonesia, China, Africa, Latvia, Germany and Australia. The presentation was a mix of advice, suggestions, links and screen shots of second life, including some of the schools present in second life. Explanations of the difference between games and second life, appropriate netiquette, expectations of second life residents, currency etc were all shared. Thanks @heddesheimer for a fantastic session. Following are some links from the chat room:-

  1. Marian’s rent-a-tutor site and blog
  2. Useful second life information site
  3. Immersion in second life
  4. Community standards (appropriate digital citizenship)
  5. Second life training schools
  6. Teaching and learning in second life
  7. Teaching languages in a virtual world ning
  8. Teaching languages in a virtual world wiki
  9. Second presentation
  10. Software used to  model/build & design textures for your SL assets = gimp and blender

Link to the recording of this session.

One response to “eT@lking: 3D Teaching and Learning in Second Life

  1. I frequently find myself having to translate things from Spanish to English. This can be quite time consuming for me since although I speak some Spanish I am not fluent. I am wondering whether or not there is a good Spanish to English translation website that I can use to do this a bit more quickly and easily. I would love to have more time to do other things. The translations don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be good enough that I can get the gist of what the document is saying and make an answer to any questions posed to me.

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