Blogs give authentic audience for student work!

One of the highest motivators for student writing is an authentic audience. That is one reason why I am so passionate about blogging in the classroom.  Last year, year 7 students created a text movie on “What makes a good teacher”! They had to brainstorm the qualities they looked for in good teachers and then use MS Moviemaker or Vegas Sony Movie Studio to create a movie using only text and their own original  music.

Imagine our surprise, when one of my quietest, unassuming, most conscientious students received the following comment on her blog post “What makes a good teacher!” (Make sure you click on the link and watch her movie!)

I am a college professor and I will be teaching a class about how to teach to student who want to be teachers. I will be using your video on the first day of class to help them understand what a young student thinks a good teacher is. Thank you for doing such a great job making your movie.

Professor Cole

Rachael has since emailed back to find out what university etc Professor Cole is from. She had tagged her post with “What makes a good teacher” and obviouslythe search engines picked it up. Congratulations Rachael and what an audience to capture! One of the highest accoclades for a student to receive – to have her work recognized in such a way.


3 responses to “Blogs give authentic audience for student work!

  1. Such a powerful example Anne. I have really warmed to blogging this year and have all classes beginning to blog and to read other students blogs in other schools.

    Thanks for this, oh and what a great movie!

  2. This is a great story Anne. What a tremendous fillip for your student. What a great example of the power of technology for learning in education

  3. Very encouraging and exciting! You and your students are such an inspiration!

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