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The Age of Technology – eT@lking

Unfortunately our guest speaker Amanda Marrnina, of 2Gems blog fame became ill and could not present tonight on the topic of “Too Young for Technology”. So some quick improvisations were made and the title was changed to ‘Age of Technology”. The session was interactive and worked with the virtual floor where most participants engaged and interacted in some way. The participants tonight came from Spain, Egypt, Iceland, USA and Australia. As teachers of the very young through to tertiary educators were present, we shared the following with each other:-

Tips, tricks or treats

Hardware suggestions

Participants voted and chose the following to be talked about: – scratch, etherpad and audiotouch. Those who had suggested them, spoke about them and their classroom use.

From the chat:-

  • world maths day currently in progress
  • nancyvonw spoke about the problems with the young using netbooks. They have trouble with the trackpad and left and right buttons (4-6 year olds)
  • Rowan Peter amazed me with this comment “RE: Previous tools for education slide. I’m thinking about Nintendo Wii. Develop a propritary resource (game) for the Nintendo Wii that uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk (a joystick-style controller) to take measurements. Perhaps this game could teach kids about distance, scale and other ‘math stuff’ but in physical space. Perhaps this context could remove the abstraction of working on paper.”
  • interesting discussions re the smart pen and its use in the classroom
  • participants encouraged to join learncentral and the Australia series group where the events are advertised.

Next week is Marian Heddesheimer, from Germany,  presenting on 3D Teaching and Learning in Second Life.

Listen to the recording