eT@lking – Let’s Get Started!

In November as part of the VITTA conference, I was fortunate to meet Steve Hargaddon face to face and discuss with him the value of online professional development and its value in connecting educators. The merits of elluminate as an online platform were also discussed. So, when Steve returned to USA, he set up an Australia series and invited other Australians whom he had met to join and consider starting online sessions at times friendly to Australian time zones. After an initial meeting with interested parties in January, both Carole McCulloch, my elluminate coach and I decided to get started. Carole will run a 3 week series on a Monday night at 8:00pm (gmt+10) called Mentoring Mondays and I will trial the eT@lking series.

The first session had three people booked in, so although it was a smallish number, it was a start! To my surprise, when I logged on one hour early, there were four people already in the room. Thinking I had gate crashed the end of someone else’s session, I was relieved to read that the participants were indeed waiting for eT@lking. After uploading the presentation slides, it was time to test out the microphones etc in readiness for the session.

Target audience: Educators or people interested in education from across all sectors in Australia, Asia and other timezone friendly zones

How the session looked:-

  • As the session progressed we had a total of 14 participants.
  • The Australian particpants came Eastern side of Australia,
  • To my surprise these was  one particpant from Germany and another was logged from India. But  Purti from India also had some of her fellow teachers, plus her principal all watching keenly around the screen projection.
  • The full breadth of the education sectors was represented – a teacher of prep (5 year olds) through to other primary and secondary educationalists, TAFE and tertiary levels and online adult education. This gives a glimpse of the power that technology might be for education in connecting all levels.
  • The session was informal with a prepared set of slides on a number of discussion points to encourage discussion and as much interactivity as possible. The triggers and the responses can be seen in the images below.

Listen to the recording





Next week on eT@lking:- The Wonderful World of Wikis with Chrissy Hellier  (Teaching Sagittarian) from International School of Bangkok (See the wiki Wonderful World of Wikispaces being used for the presentation)


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